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20VC: Brad Feld, Jerry Colonna and Tracy Lawrence on Depression and mental health, Why you cannot tie happiness to milestones & why Fear, anxiety and guilt are useless emotions

Dec 15 2021

Interviewing Jerry Colonna About Heart – His!

Feb 26 2018
If you are a regular listener of the Reboot Podcast, you’ve heard Jerry Colonna masterfully interview many people. And – if you aren’t a regular listener, go sign up and give it a try. In Episode 78: When Did You Start to Listen to Your Heart, I turned the tables on Jerry and interviewed him. […]
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#GivingThanks: Jerry Colonna and Naropa University

Nov 24 2016
Today’s #GivingThanks post is for my dear friend Jerry Colonna. When I make a list of non-family members and non-partners who I would want to be stranded on a desert island with, Jerry is at the top of the list. Before I tell a story, if you want to participate in #GivingThanks to Jerry, please make […]
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A Conversation With Jerry Colonna About Life

Oct 19 2015
Of all the podcast interviews I’ve done over the years, I think the one I recently did with Jerry Colonna on his Reboot podcast series is my favorite. In the podcast show notes, Jerry links to a fun post by Fred Wilson titled Sixteen Years Ago (which is now 19 years ago…) We’ve known each other for […]
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Jerry Colonna and Rand Fishkin Discuss Depression and Entrepreneurship

Dec 15 2014
Jerry Colonna spent a few hours with me and Amy on Saturday at our house. Jerry is one of our closest friends on this planet so any time we get time with him is a treasure for us. It was a cold-ish, snowy, gloomy Colorado early winter day. Amy and I were pretty off-balance due to my […]
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CEO Bootcamp with Jerry Colonna

Jan 27 2014
It’s really hard to be a CEO. Becoming a great CEO takes a lot of time, work, focus, coaching, and introspection. My very close friend Jerry Colonna is hosting his second CEO Bootcamp from April 2 – April 6. Several CEOs from the Foundry Group portfolio went last year and each had an amazing time. […]
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What Is Your Worldview?

Feb 25 2021
Amy and I have coffee for about 30 minutes every morning. It’s been one of the wonderful positive side effects of the Covid crisis. Some days we land on a topic. Other days we don’t. Today, after a few minutes, the question “What is your worldview?” popped up, and we bashed that around for a […]
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False Reassurance

Jan 27 2021
The Covid crisis has generated an extraordinary amount of what I like to call “false reassurance.” Consider how many times you heard something general like the following some time in 2020. Everything is going to be ok. We will get through this pandemic. Things will go back to normal. You’ll look back on this as […]
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Q320 Vacation and Books

Aug 24 2020
Every quarter I try to take a week completely off the grid. It’s a cold reboot for me, not simply a Ctrl-Alt-Del type thing. I started doing this in 2000 and it took me about four years to learn how to just turn off the switch completely for a week and then turn it back […]
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Book and Podcast Suggestions for This Weekend

Jul 31 2020
The week after George Floyd was murdered, I decided to read a book a week by a Black author. I went online and found a bunch of lists that had popped up. I bought about 25 books, all in physical form, and piled them up on my reading table near my couch. On Saturdays, my […]
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