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New West Boulder Launch Party – 4/14/05 – 6pm – Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

Apr 07 2005
I recently made an angel investment in Jonathan Weber’s (the former editor of The Industry Standard) new publishing venture – New West Network.  I got turned on to Jonathan by Jerry Colonna who knew Jonathan well from the publishing business.  New West isn’t a “venture deal”, so we chose not to fund it as a venture […]
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Zen Judaism

Apr 04 2005
As a member of a quarter Jewish, half Atheist, and a quarter Theraveda Vipassana Buddhist household (there’s only two of us in my household – me and Amy – you figure out the math), I found the following email on Zen Judaism hysterical.  I post it as an ode to my favorite Buddha loving retired […]
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The Analog Analog – How to Explain Your Idea to a VC

Mar 08 2005
Allen Morgan at Mayfield has a nice series up on his blog about the ten commandments for entrepreneurs.  His post today is Commandment #6: Explain Your New Ideas by Analogy To, or Contrast With, Old Ideas. He’s right.  Mostly.  At the end of his post, he asks for ways to “categorize the new ‘It’” (if […]
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Fred Wilson Announces the Launch of Union Square Ventures

Feb 10 2005
Fred Wilson wrote today that he and his partner Brad Burnham have officially launched Union Square Ventures and have completed the final close on their inaugural fund.  I’ve known Fred since the first day I started working with Mobius (called Softbank at the time).  My very first Softbank-related meeting was to do due diligence at […]
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Welcome A Sack In Seattle

Sep 21 2004
My long time friend Andy Sack has started blogging. Andy is currently CEO of Judy’s Book, a new local search startup funded by Ignition Partners. Andy is a great entrepreneur. I first met him in Boston in 1995 when we was working with the original team at a new Internet startup called Agents (which turned […]
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Book Review – The Republican Noise Machine – David Brock

Jul 04 2004
The Republican Noise Machine : Right Wing Media and How it Corrupts Democracy was a depressing book. I first noticed it from a post by Jerry Colonna. I had it shipped up to my house in Alaska where I settled in for a long read yesterday after my run. In some ways, it seemed appropriate […]
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A Writer Starts From Scratch – Learning to Blog for the Non-Techie

Jun 19 2004
My wife Amy – who is a writer – decided she wanted to try blogging (both reading and writing). She’s intrigued by my fascination with blogging and thought it might be easier than trying to get her novel published, especially since she’d have to finish it first. I decided that rather than set her up, […]
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Feedburner Blog Statistics Upgrade

Jun 16 2004
Feedburner implemented an upgrade to their statistics page today. It’s solid progress. I’ve written about the issue of blog stats in the past. This is an area that both as a blogger and an investor I’m particularly interested in because of my historical involvement (and success) with several analytics companies (I use the phrases analytics, […]
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On Being the CEO – Henry V and The Cover-up

May 21 2004
Jerry Colonna has a great post on being a CEO.
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