Startup Life Interview With Sandy Grason

I’m in San Antonio, in a rush to go participate in the Global Accelerator Network monthly call, where I’m talking with Richard Florida (the brilliant creator of the concept of the creative class) about Startup Communities, followed by a full day at TechStars Cloud and – well – I need a shower because I got to my hotel room at 12:30pm and I smell kind of like Huck from Scandal.

So – today you get a short eight minute interview of me and Amy with Sandy Grason where we talk about Startup Life: Surviving and Thriving in a Relationship with an Entrepreneur. It’s a really wonderful interview – Amy told me this was the first time she’s done something like this and I thought she was awesome.


  • Thanks for a great interview Sandy and also to Brad and Amy for sharing.

    The whole aspect of relationships is so often not touched on in all our writing about startups but is probably THE most crucial part of the entrepreneur’s support network. I know personally, the support of my husband is what has got me through many times and what keeps me going.

    I really honour you Brad and Amy for being vulnerable enough to talk (and write) about this side of entrepreneurship. I’m sure we will all gain a lot from your insights. I’m looking forward to reading the book

  • Wonderful to see the two of you in an interview together. Y’alls should definitely do more, or even just Amy. And Brad, its great to see another appearance of that awesome shirt.

  • Will

    excellent thank you!

    • Will

      posting another message because I think it’s incredibly difficult to post a message. I have to give a valid email and a name. If you don’t like my post, delete it! Why do you need an email or a name or anything? I’d like to comment and say good work, nice, I like this. Something is not right about this. And my email, is a junk email. I’ll never see it.

  • I liked the chemistry between the 2 of you & hoping to see more of that format.

  • This is one of my favorite interviews! Thank you Brad & Amy- you are such a great example for how to have a healthy relationship. Thank you for being so generous with your time & knowledge. I really enjoyed talking with you both. xoxo

    • Sandy – thanks a ton for doing this!

  • Lovely interview and the book is fabulous!

  • enjoyed watching the interview!

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  • Nice to see the other half, great interview, and nice to see the dog get a little glory in there 🙂

  • always appreciate the level of transparency you have to your personal life… as a cofounder who is young+married, it is refreshing to hear & use as a framework

  • Jan Kabili

    This is a fantastic interview, with loads of advice that’s relevant not only for people involved in startups and entrepreneurship, but all couples who are hard-working professionals. I’m definitely buying the book, and would love to come to your April event at Quick Left to hear more.