Book: Playing For Pizza

I needed some mental floss one night in New York last week when I was having trouble sleeping so I read Playing for Pizza: A Novel. My mom had recommended this one – I can’t remember why – but I usually read whatever she recommends. Put it in the “good son” category (although she helped me develop my love of reading and she’s almost always on target with recommendations for me.)

I grew tired of John Grisham and his legal thrillers over a decade ago. But I always enjoyed his writing so it was fun to dig into something completely different. I love Italy, pizza, and food, so that made sense. Football, however, is low on my list of things I care about. I decided to blow off caring about the football stuff and just get lost in the book.

Grisham has always written a book I can read in one sitting. I turned off my iPad at about 1:30am NY time and smiled. The Italy stuff was good. The pizza stuff was good. The food stuff was good. And the football stuff was even good.

If you are looking for something light, clever, engaging, and written in typical fast moving Grisham style, grab it. Solid mental floss.

  • I read this book a few years ago and recently found myself wanting to go back for seconds (like all good Italians!). Agree, this was one of his best pieces of work. It was fun, emotional and a very easy read. My wife and I go to Italy often, Parma is on our list to visit!

  • Joshua Thomas

    I read this several years ago…the only Grisham book that I enjoyed through to completion. I really enjoyed the peak into Italian culture…felt like I was there.

  • DaveGoulden

    Pizza was a good read. If you liked it, check out Calico Joe, Grisham’s fairly recent book with a baseball theme. It’s a must read for any baseball fan and especially one who grew up watching Game of the Week in the 70’s as I did. No lawyer stuff, just a great story about a father/son relationship and its connection to baseball.

  • You got me intrigued about that one. I will check it out. Thx.