My Day1 Talk For Endeavor

When I was in Rio a few months ago for the Global Entrepreneurial Congress, I did a talk called “Day1” that Endeavor puts on. It’s a 20 minute presentation about “your day 1” – a profound moment that impacted your entrepreneurial journey.

I decided to talk about a number of Day 1’s that I’ve had. I’ve always felt that with the dawn of each day is a new chance to “try again to be the best that I can be.” So my Day 1’s vary a lot – some good, some bad, but all full of lessons for me. They include:

  • Me deciding not to be a doctor
  • My first real job
  • Hating MIT as a freshman and almost leaving
  • Deciding to sell my first company
  • Having Amy tell me I was a lousy roommate
  • Learning they can’t kill you and they can’t eat you
  • The power of a random day

I mention plenty of characters – some you’ve heard of on this blog and some new ones. My dad (Stan), Chris and Helena Aves, Dave Jilk, Len Fassler and Jerry Poch, Raj Bhargava, Steve Maggs, my partners Seth, Jason, and Ryan, David Cohen, and of course Amy.

When I give a talk like this I never really know where it will go when I start. I don’t prepare – it’s 100% extemporaneous. I was the second person to present a Day1 so I had 20 minutes to listen to someone else’s as I rolled around some stories in my head. Amy and I just listened to it together and it made us both smile and chuckle a lot with memories.

What’s your Day1?

  • Excellent talk Brad. Learnt a few things, and already do some others. Love a good morning routine starting with some meditation, followed by business reading, and then a nice run. Maybe I should talk to you about a TechStars South Africa! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Thx! Re: TechStars South Africa – tell me if you want an intro to Patrick Riley who runs the Global Accelerator Network (

      • That would be awesome Brad. There are some initiatives down here already, but, nothing on the scale of TS or GAN, so, let’s see if we can make something happen! You have my email already. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • My first meeting with Len and my “presentation” in CT to the 25+ business owners are definitely a part of my Day1 memories as well. Thoroughly enjoyed this and appreciate you continuing to bring the heart and soul every business has to the forefront.

  • Love it. Searched for this story but couldn’t find it: Learning they canโ€™t kill you and they canโ€™t eat you

  • You have one heck of a gal!

  • The day I met my wife.

    Dropping out of USAFA-and giving up on a dream.

    First time I ever walked onto the trading floor. The smell, the noise, the nervous sweat, people in a hurry. The physicality of it.

    First day of MBA school. Dreamed of doing it my whole life. (did mine when I was 42)

  • great posts and good reading,just a passing comment thanks

  • How awesome, what a great idea, and a really great talk. I agree, those first days are somehow the most nerve-racking days, but can also be some of the best. Taking a new leap is always scary, but liberating at the same time.

  • Great way to think about those moments that really matter.

    Here’s my Day-1: It’s about how and when I realized I was going to be an entrepreneur.