NovoED MOOC on Raising Venture Capital

I’m spending the new two days filming the content for a MOOC on raising venture capital. The content is based on my book with Jason titled Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist. After exploring a few different MOOCs for this, I think NovoED is the most interesting platform.

I’ve been impressed with the quality of the courses that currently exist. Several of my friends have done courses, including Chuck Eesley, a professor in Stanford University’s Management Science & Engineering group. Among other things, he’s got a great NovoEd course starting in a month titled Technology Entrepreneurship as well as a superb reading list for anyone interested in entrepreneurship.

Matt Blumberg finished filming the course around his book – Startup CEO: A Field Guide to Scaling Up Your Business – a few weeks ago. I got a preview of a few segments – it’s excellent and exceeded my expectations for what NovoED was planning to do.

I’m looking forward to yet another experiment in content creation, this time around a MOOC. In addition to creating the content, I’ll be an active participant / teacher in the course when it comes out.

I’ve often talked about how I learn things by doing them. As I wrote a few weeks ago, I’m fascinated with what I perceive will be a radical transformation over the next decade in how education works. I’ve been participating in it already through experiments like Techstars, which has completely changed how I think about entrepreneurial education. Creating – and participating – in MOOCs in another step in my learning process as I form a view about what is really interesting here.

  • Ekaterina Klink

    Brad, thanks a lot for bringing this topic to MOOC. I have taken Chuck’s Technology Entrepreneurship course and it was very helpful. I love NovoED platform and look forward to signing for a course on raising venture capital!

  • Thanks for surfacing NovoED, Brad.

    Per your point: “I learn things by doing them,” curriculum (no matter how awesome and how well delivered) is but one piece of the puzzle. Closing the loop on the breathtakingly complex process of creating one’s strategy is another piece.

    If one accepts that as fact, then the next question is: What is the equivalent of a MOOC for closed-loop strategy development at scale? (Hint: TechStars doesn’t scale.)

  • RBC

    Hi Brad, look forward to checking it out. I started codeacademy’s course on Ruby 6 weeks ago, and am taking a front-end web development course at One is free and one is £2k … but both are amazing, eye opening experiences. By the way saw you got a shout out in @fakegrimlock ‘s book! Droppin’ knowledge!!

    • Awesome – powerful for you.

  • tyronerubin

    Love this news. I often listen to Venture Deals audiobook and also busy finishing Startup Community audiobook. Going to love watching this.
    Steve Blanks’s ‘How to Build a Startup’ course was also great

  • I have not heard or Novoed before but will check them out. I did one course with coursea a few month ago and the experience was good. Looking forward to your class!

  • Oli Morgan

    Brad, I’ve just completed Professor Chuck’s NovoEd Moocc – Technology Entrepeneurship courses 1 and 2 and they are excellent.

    High quality content and first class thinking.

    The course get students to form teams and submit assignments. The team I am in ( have taken this to the next level and intend to launch our healthcare app (empowering patients) with the ideas and knowledge from the course.

    Well done Chuck and many thanks. Oli Morgan