Turnstone Decks Out My Kansas City House

It’s been a blast to have a house in Kansas City. I’ve made a bunch of new friends from it and have been able to participate in the radical growth of the startup community there, especially in the KC Startup Village where my house is located. I’ve gotten to experience Google Fiber first hand and also helped mentor a neat startup called HandPrint who has been living in the house for the past six months. And it continues to be really fun to tell the story of the look on Amy’s face when I came home and said “hey – I bought a house in Kansas City today.”

When I bought the house, it had an attic that was a mess. A really gross mess. Think mouse turds, busted boards, and damp rotting wood mess. I hired a contractor who the HandPrint folks hung out with and he turned it into a great new loft. Turnstone (a Steelcase company) offered to furnish the house as a way of highlighting their furniture in a startup environment.

It turned out awesome. If you’ve been following the story at all, the video below will give you a few minute glimpse into the house, some of the players including the amazing Lesa Mitchell who helped make it all happen, the snazzy Turstone-loft, as well as give you a look at the HandPrint team.

I’m trying to figure out the next fun place to buy a house like this.

  • Rick Mason

    If you’re looking for your next adventure how about Detroit? Plenty of empty houses and a growing startup community.

    • On the list!

      • I can help with Detroit, be an excellent location. You might be able to get a few houses in a row for the same price 🙂

  • Adam Weinroth

    Brad here in Austin we generally try to discourage folks from moving here – but for you I think we’d make a special exception 🙂

  • Eric Hutchins

    Brad, although I’m a San Franciscan now, as a Vermonter I humbly suggest Burlington, VT. It has lots of great houses, it’s an active college town surrounded by natural beauty, and it’s consistently ranked by Forbes as one of the best small cities in the nation.

  • JKD

    Charlottesville, VA!

  • Mark Branan

    Greenville, SC.

  • Cecelia Feld


    • Ahem – I think I might already own part of a house there…

  • Ryan Hunsaker

    Columbia, Missouri has a budding startup community.

  • BenBarreth

    The house is looking fantastic, Brad. Your contribution to the KC Startup Village has been immense! Huge thanks also to Lesa Mitchell and Turnstone for the awesome furniture. With Google Fiber and custom startup furniture, the Feld Fiberhouse is the sweetest startup pad in town!

    • Ben – thanks for being the inspiration and first mover! I’ll never forget our discussion at Think Iowa

      • BenBarreth

        ha! One day you’ll have to refresh my memory about our conversation at Think Iowa from your standpoint. All I remember was bumbling through some stuff about your book.

        Thanks for everything Brad. Seriously, your single contribution as an entrepreneur has been bigger than all government/city contributions to the KCSV … combined. Way to prove your own thesis!

  • MorganHoward

    Easy one… Alaska. It is a category after all.

    • I already have a house there – in Homer!