Book: Get Some Headspace

My exploration into meditation continues. I started on February 5th when I wrote the post Learning To Meditate. Since then, I’ve been practicing every day, read a few books on meditation, talked to a lot of people about it, and explored several iPhone / web apps.

The impact on me has been awesome.

After talking to Jerry Colonna for a few hours about meditation on the snowy Sunday after I started, he recommended I take a look at Headspace. I signed up that night and started doing the Take10 meditations. For the first few days, I did it once a day, but then quickly starting practicing twice a day, once in the morning and once before I went to bed. Occasionally I’d toss in another session at lunch time, although sometimes I just did a silent meditation instead for 10 to 15 minutes.

After about a week I was deeply hooked. I grabbed the iPhone GetSomeHeadspace app and untethered myself from my desk. We’ve got a meditation room in our new house and even though it’s very sparse right now (just one sitting pillow), it’s a magnificent sanctuary for my meditation.

I noticed that Andy Puddicombe, the founder of Headspace, had written a book called Get Some Headspace: How Mindfulness Can Change Your Life in Ten Minutes a Day. I downloaded it and read it last night and this morning. Since I’m deep into the Headspace program, a lot of it was familiar to me. But Andy’s description of his own meditation journey is fascinating, and reinforces a lot of things he guides you through in the Headspace program.

Near the end, he has a great chapter on different forms of meditation beyond sitting. He covers walking, sleeping, eating, and running. These are forms that intrigue me, especially since I run a lot, eat too fast, and am exploring different sleep patterns.

Overall, the book is a nice addition to the Headspace program. If you are intrigued about meditation, it’s a fast, easy, helpful read. But there’s nothing like just practicing. For that, I recommend you hop on line and try the free Headspace Take10 program.


  • Mike King

    Thanks for the guidance, Brad. Day one was good.

  • Thanks so much for the book recommendation. I thin I will give this a try. I am especially interested in walking meditation. Walking is in itself a form meditation.

  • Thanks for book recommendation. I like the walking/meditating combo

  • Hey Brad – Headspace got me started with meditation, then I went to India and got very deeply immersed. Since then I’ve been searching for a secular explanation of why meditation is important and how it works (or more accurately waiting for it to turn up). Recently a friend recommended I read Mindfulness, Finding Peace in a Frantic World, which is written by a couple of Oxford Professors – one is Mark Wiliams. I’m about a third of the way through and I’m loving it, both for the theoretical underpinnings to practice and secondly for the practical steps to better meditation and being generally mindful.

    Finally, we have an unannounced investment in a company doing some cool stuff in this area. They are UK company that’s moving to the US. Email me if you’re interested in details.


  • Creeklife

    Brad knows Books. I liked Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore and sent it out as christmas presents to my friends in Boulder last year and I’ve been experimenting a little with meditation, I’m looking forward to this book and app. 🙂

  • This looks great. No idea he had written a book also, and will definitely read it.

    A question about the Headspace app, have you moved beyond the Take10? If so, what did you think? I felt Take10 was amazing, but still on the edge to do the full subscription.

    • I’m into Take20 at this point. Absolutely worth the price of the subscription.

      • Good to know! That definitely helps make up my mind.

  • I started learning about a lot of this psychological crap recently. I have always been extremely self aware-but started delving deeper. Meditation is a part of that. I am a really really really bad meditator. Just starting the journey, and if you really do this right, you might be afraid of what you find on the other side.

    • I encourage you to explore the language you are using. “really really really bad meditator” and “really do this right” seem at odds with the notion of a meditation “practice.”

      • yes, the conversation I have with myself definitely needs to change. As a guy who traded his own money, I always wanted to keep my emotion in check (to the point of being cold), and never wanted to get excited in the highs, for fear of being too depressed in the lows. It’s very very mind-blowing coming from the middle class background I did and making 100k in ten seconds-or losing it. Surreal. As i learn about this, the words I use become very important. Just saw the new site, and tried it for 2 min. Was really cool.

  • We met briefly in Palo Alto at a book signing event of yours a few years ago, you were very kind and I valued your advice for my startup at the time greatly. Your post above is also helpful, I’ve personally experienced this as well and it is more and more common. Since our paths crossed I’ve combined my app startup with my personal journey inwards with things like meditation to bring them deeper into daily life and to scale for enterprises. I’d love your feedback on our mindfulness experience (we’ve designed it around your type of practice of Morn/Night/Day mentioned in your post) and from a company building standpoint if you have the time and interest. My startup is and mindfulness MVP app is … I like Headspace a lot too, as well as’s mobile app which a commentator mentioned below, though we go a different path given different team DNA … I believe mindfulness will become an assumed and essentially part to all technology interfaces for all types of people (so there’s tons of space for different paths inward) if the internet of things is to empower us rather than overwhelm our nervous systems and daily lives 🙂

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