In Downtown Las Vegas at the UP Global Summit

I just landed in Downtown Las Vegas for my first trip for business in over a year. I’m here for the UP Global Summit and then our UP Global board meeting on Sunday. I’m most definitely NOT in Las Vegas (which I don’t like very much) – instead I’m in Downtown Las Vegas which is a magnificent experiment in revitalizing a downtown city that was more or less left for dead a while ago.

My decision to come here isn’t part of a grand plan to start traveling again. Instead, it was a result of being inspired by Boulder Startup Week 2014. Andrew Hyde, the original creator of the Startup Week concept, came back to run BSW 14 and then joined UP Global to roll out the Startup Week concept around the world. It’s already happened organically in a number of cities so we’ll just be adding the proverbial fuel to the fire.

During our Q2 Vacation last week I mentioned to Amy that I kind of wanted to go to the UP Global Summit in DTLV. I was a little nervous about what her reaction would be – we’ve been having an amazing time being together almost all the time and the no travel, after 20+ years of non-stop travel, has been delightful.

She was excited that I felt like traveling again. She correctly realized that it meant that I’m feeling really rested and rejuvenated, as well as in a great mental health space, which is a huge contrast from 18 months ago. Her support on this, and so many other fronts, are so important to me, as she knows and can read me better than any other human on this planet.

So I sit here in my hotel room, freshly showered after a very early morning flight from Denver to Las Vegas, excited about seeing 500+ members of the UP Global extended community, while exploring DTLV, meeting about startup communities, startup weekends, startup weeks, and lots of other things related to startups.

It feels good. Now, if I had only remembered to bring an iPhone charging cable, I’d be at 100%.

  • I imagine that Gnip acquisition is probably helping your overall situation as well, grats on that btw!

  • Welcome to DTLV. Let me know if you need recommendations for anything, especially food. We have what is generally regarded as the best Thai restaurant in the country very nearby in Lotus of Siam. Make sure to have breakfast at Eat (7th & Carson). Sent from Work in Progress on 6th & Bridger.

    • ktinboulder

      My buddy just mentioned Lotus of Siam the other day as well.

    • I’ve heard “breakfast at Eat” at least three times today. That’s where I’ll have breakfast tomorrow.

  • Welcome to Vegas! Don’t forget to try out the slide that’s something like 3 stories up at the Container Park. Thanks for supporting the Vegas Tech community by spending time here.

    • Just had lunch at the mexican place at Container Park. Yum.

  • ktinboulder

    I was in DTLV for the Collision Conference a few weeks ago. Fremont street is one of the most interesting, weird places I’ve ever walked. My hotel room was $32/night, unreal. Really stoked to see what’s going on there.

    • Just got back from a walk on Fremont. Super interesting.

  • You’ve probably long since found one, but let me know if you need a charger. Not too far and I have ’em everywhere!

    I like what Up Global’s doing, and think we should partner. Just seeding it…. 🙂

    p.s. Eat is great. Sit at the bar and you can get a great view of them making everything.

    • Thx – I got a charger – borrowed one from a friend and then picked up one at Walgreens. Eat is on the list – probably tomorrow.

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  • Mariah Lichtenstern

    Glad you are feeling rested and have the privilege of a supportive spouse. DTLV is indeed quite a contrast to “The Strip.” Good to see the efforts underway and hope to see successful revitalization in many other abandoned inner cities. The attempts I’ve observed in Oakland, LA, and Sacramento have been many but would all benefit from the insights expressed in UP Global. #Inspired

  • Bet with your head…not over it.