Do You Want To Understand How Accelerators Work?

Accelerate: Founder Insights Into Accelerator ProgramsFG Press recently released its third book, Accelerate: Founder Insights Into Accelerator Programs.

If you want to understand how an accelerator program works from the inside or are considering applying to an accelerator, this is the book for you. Luke Deering interviewed 150 entrepreneurs who have been through a variety of accelerator programs to get their insights. He originally did this as a Kickstarter campaign which I supported and wrote the foreword for.

When I saw the Kickstarter version, I asked if we could add to it, edit it, and publish it via FG Press. It’s out and I’m really proud of it. It has feedback from entrepreneurs who have gone through accelerators all over the world.

The book is divided into sections that cover topics such how to come up with an idea, advice on applying to an accelerator, tips for marketing and user acquisition early on, approaches to fundraising, and what the accelerator experience is actually like.

There are a number of case studies, longer form essays (but never too long), and lots and lots of short (one to three paragraph) real-life anecdotes. While I acknowledge the case studies are a little Techstars heavy, I think Luke did a nice job of getting a wide variety of examples from many different accelerators.

There’s also an accelerator directory, a good overview from Pat Riley, who runs the Global Accelerator Network, and lots of other goodies.

When we started working on the book, our goal was to make the hardcopy a beautifully designed book that could sit on a coffee table as well as being able to be used as a reference guide. The team at FG Press did a magnificent job.

You can order Accelerate from Amazon. If you run an accelerator or want to support something around accelerators and want to explore a bulk purchase along with a presentation, just email me.

  • Hi Brad – thanks for this. At Forward Partners we are building what you could think of as a very different type of accelerator model. We work with around four companies per year for a year on a rotating basis with a different programme for each business delivered by our team of salaried operators. We call it an investment studio to help people understand the differences to Techstars, Seedcamp etc.

    We are always seeking to improve our understanding of how best to help very early stage startups and what their alternatives are, so this will be a great book for us.

    Kindle would have been nice.

    • Kindle should be up shortly.

  • yazinsai

    It’s out of stock on Amazon.. Print more! 🙂

    • We are!

      • yazinsai

        I’m looking forward to grabbing a copy .. Never gone wrong with any of your book recommendations (so far 🙂

  • Sebastien Latapie

    Just finished startup communities, this seems like a perfect book to follow up on that one. Are there any insights from the flip side included in the book i.e. running a successful accelerator?

    Looking forward to the read either way.

    • A little on the accelerator side but not much. Look for a specific book on that from FG Press as part of the Techstars series in the future.

  • Excited to get my hands on this! Thanks for making us aware of it, Brad.

    • Cool – enjoy!

      • I’ll be mining for nuggets that inform scaling mentorship! Exciting to be able to build on what sounds like solid ethnography by the author.

  • Perfect timing on this post as I was just thinking I needed to find a new book to read and better yet I have always wondered the details of how accelerators programs work. Also, this will keep with my current trend of reading FG Press books as I just found time to finish (Sleep Your Way To The Top by Jane Miller).

  • PD

    Hope this book has a BIG section on the solo, lone founder issue. We are isolated introverted geniuses who create, but we rarely can get into an accelerator. Thus leaving us to feel like leftover trash. Our ideas are just as important as a team. And we always desire a team. : – ) were just a special needs bunch of AMAZING. I wish they wouldn’t toss us aside because we come alone. Our intention is to have a million people on our team. Yeah, we dream and create alone, but we build with others. Don’t forget us ~