Some of My Favorite Books in 2016

Amazon is setting up Kindle bookshelves for some people, including me. If you want to see some of my favorite books from 2016 that I read on my Kindle, take a look at my Feld Thoughts 2016 Books.

Kindle Books

I log all the books I read (Kindle or physical) on my Goodreads page. Interestingly, Goodreads is also owned by Amazon. It’ll be fun to see if / how they ultimately integrate all this stuff.

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  • Kelly Quann Bianucci

    Agree! Amazon owns Audible as well, so I’m hoping they make price/availability comparisons across Amazon Marketplace,, and Audible easily viewable within my “books-to-read” list. Plus, it would be good to know when one of Amazon’s platforms is running a sale on any title in my “books-to-read” list – Goodreads Deals is a start but still quite random and selective. A Kindle PM friend of mine says further integration is coming soon!

  • Pointsandfigures

    Do you (or anyone else) notice a difference in retention between Kindle, Audio Books and phyiscal books? I know when I write stuff down versus type I remember better.

    • I don’t have any noticeable retention difference between Kindle and physical. I have very little retention from Audible.

      • B12N

        You also seem to read books ridiculously quick (based on your posts, you can go through several books during a weekend). You purposely train yourself to speed-read or just a side effect of reading a lot?

        • It’s the side effect of a lot of reading.

          • Jason Randell

            Does your vocabulary increase too?

    • Jason Randell

      The physical book makes me feel much more accomplished when complete. I feel that Audio book are a great pass time on road trips, yet podcasts can be much more invigorating! (IMO)

  • Alex Iskold

    Dark Matter was super cool and super obvious at the same time. Gobbled it up in 2 days. Great stuff.

    • Contemplate the infinite number of parallel universes. What a wonderful idea.

      • Jason Randell

        Now consider that that is what we have created with the cloud + connected devices.

  • Jason Randell

    What if your company tasked you with reading one chapter from the company library once a month. What if then you were tasked to make one slide explaining that one chapter from the book. With the one slide we would now have a tool for everyone at the company to learn from, a prop for the person to practice public speaking and all-in we would have spread knowledge to at least one more node in the network… “What if”