Immigration Fundraiser: For Here or To Go

A little over a year ago I wrote a post about a feature film Amy and I were helping fund called For Here or To Go. The movie is about a set of Indian software developers in the US on H1-B visas. The main character wanted to start a company, or join a startup, but couldn’t make either happen in the context of the current H1-B visa constraints.

It felt relevant when we helped fund it. It seems even more relevant today. It’s an excellent movie and my punch line from the blog post a year ago was:

“Now, this wasn’t a dry movie. While I don’t know Indian culture very well, Rishi created a rich set of characters, interwoven storylines, and a powerful content – including the challenge of romantic relationships while having an uncertain future around one’s immigration status – that drew me in to the movie.”

For Here or To Go is now finished and will be out at the end of March. Amy and I committed to match up to $25,000 of a $55,000 fundraising campaign to help get wider distribution for move. If this is something you are willing to participate in, go to the Crowdrise page and give whatever amount you are willing, knowing that Amy and I are matching you dollar for dollar.

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  • white_Malcolm_X

    Interesting how a supposedly NON-immigrant visa is the basis for a movie about immigration. Sounds like somebody doesn’t have their story straight – INDIAN BODY SHOPS.

    • I haven’t seen the movie. Which visa? H1B is a dual intent visa (ie, it is both a temporary visa, and an immigrant track). A NON-immigrant visa would be an F1, J1 (student visa types), or something like that, not the H1B.

  • Daniel Zahler

    I just saw the movie and agree it couldn’t be more relevant today. Puts a human face on immigration challenges in this country, in particular for Indian workers in the valley. The bollywood dance number came out of nowhere and put a big smile on my face.