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20VC: Brad Feld, Jerry Colonna and Tracy Lawrence on Depression and mental health, Why you cannot tie happiness to milestones & why Fear, anxiety and guilt are useless emotions

Dec 15 2021

Book and Survey: Depression – A Founder’s Companion

Jun 27 2018
Mahendra Ramsinghani, my friend and co-author of Startup Boards: Getting the Most Out of Your Board of Directors, is starting work on his third book to be titled Depression – A Founder’s Companion. If this is an important topic to you, please spend 10 minutes on the survey Mahendra is doing. After the recent passing of […]
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Colorado Health & Wellness Interview On Depression

Jun 12 2018
Since I wrote about depression yesterday, I figured I’d highlight a long interview with Colorado Health & Wellness magazine on my history dynamics with depression titled Brad Feld’s Village. I was interviewed by Sarah Protzman Howlett, who did a lot of research before the interview, and then spoke with a number of people close to me after […]
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The Discomfort of Depression and Suicide

Jun 11 2018
While not a comfortable thing to talk about on Monday morning – or any morning for that matter – the suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain last week generated much public discussion. And, while the suicides were tragic, some of what people said and wrote were powerful and helpful to me. I’ve talked openly […]
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Pyongyang, Vonnegut, and Depression

Jan 21 2018
Amy and I had another wonderful digital sabbath yesterday. It started Friday at sundown when I put my computer to sleep. I’m using Inbox When Ready and have locked my inbox from Friday at 6pm to Saturday at 11:59pm. I also put my phone in Do Not Disturb mode for this same time period. While I’m not […]
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#DepressionHero Facebook Live Discussion Today At 4:15pm

Apr 04 2017

UCLA Depression Grand Challenge

Mar 31 2017
As part of the UCLA Depression Grand Challenge, I’ve been asked by them to be their first #DepressionHero. Over 300 million people around the world suffer from depression. I’m one of them and have written extensively about my experience with it. The following 90-second video gives you a little more context on this. April 7th […]
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December Depression

Dec 13 2016
December is a tough time of year for a lot of people. While the holidays are awesome for some, they are really hard for others. I know a lot of people around me who are anxious, upset, stressed, or some other version of “not in a good place.” Some of it is the holidays, some […]
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Betabrand’s Enlightened View Around Depression

Oct 16 2016
I’m proud of my friends at Betabrand about a bunch of things, including a fundraiser they recently did called YogAID that generated over $85,000 for the Techstars Foundation. Last week an email hit the Foundry Group EXEC list from Betabrand’s CMO Aaron. I asked him if I could share it because it was full of some […]
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