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Definition of #GiveFirst

Oct 13 2020
Jaclyn Hester, one of my Foundry Group partners, recently asked if there was an online definition of #GiveFirst. I spent some time looking around, and, while it’s embedded in numerous podcasts and video interviews, I couldn’t find a clear definition on the web. The closest I found was from January 1, 2013, in a post […]
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Lessons from the First 20 Episodes of the #GiveFirst Podcast

Jan 22 2020
When David and I started doing the #GiveFirst podcast, I was told by a long-time podcaster that it takes about 20 episodes to hit your stride. Since then, several other podcasters have told me that the number is actually closer to 100. Given that hurdle, David and I are 20% of the way there. In […]
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Silicon Flatirons GiveFirst Conference: Feld and Zell

Oct 24 2018
I had a lot of fun at the Silicon Flatirons #GiveFirst conference last week and the smaller academic colloquium session the next day. It was a challenging topic, as we are simply exploring the idea of GiveFirst, how it works, and putting some scaffolding on the overall concept, both practically and intellectually. Brad Bernthal, who spearheaded […]
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How Asking Someone How to #GiveFirst to Them Undermines #GiveFirst

Oct 19 2018
I got an email this morning from a close friend who asked how I reconcile a particular issue around the concept of #GiveFirst. Following is the setup from the email I got. “I was thinking of you yesterday. I recently met with someone in town who was looking to connect. I took the meeting because, […]
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Community, Creativity, and #GiveFirst Event at CU Boulder on 10/18/18

Oct 05 2018
I’m participating in an event at CU Boulder (sponsored by Silicon Flatirons) on 10/18/18 called Community, Creativity, and #GiveFirst. #GiveFirst: A New Philosophy for Business in The Era of Entrepreneurship is the name of an upcoming book of mine. It’s also the mantra of Techstars. In addition to a few of the usual cast of characters […]
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GiveFirst: I Feel Like I Don’t Know How To Help You

Oct 12 2016
Periodically, at the end of a conversation, someone will ask me, “Is there something I can do for you?” I used to answer with “Do something that is helpful to something or someone in my world.” I usually get a pause and occasionally get a response similar to “I’m not really sure what to do to help […]
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A Typical Example of #GiveFirst

Jul 23 2016
I’ve started working on my next book, currently titled #GiveFirst: A New Philosophy for Business in the Era of Entrepreneurship. As a result, my brain is especially tuned to good examples that show a particular aspect of what we refer to as #GiveFirst at Techstars. I was working at my desk the other day when Krista Marks, the CEO […]
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Oct 25 2015
This is my last blog post of 2015. I’m taking a break from a bunch of things for a while. #GiveFirst is the title of my next book, which will come out sometime in 2016. I’ve started working on it and realize that I have a finite amount of daily writing energy. Since I no longer wake […]
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Talking About Entrepreneurship and Mental Health With David Cohen

Sep 08 2022
David Cohen and I have co-hosted the Give First podcast for 71 episodes. I think our host ratio is 80/20 David/Brad, and he’s covered everything in 2021 because I was burned out on all things public-facing and needed a break. He figured a good way to get me back in the mix would be to […]
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