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Blog tools – Newsgator and Moveable Poster

May 05, 2004

The endless reconfiguration of the blog has begun. I’ve always been a nerd – ever since I was 13 and got my first computer for my bar mitvah (instead of – say – a car). Yes – it was an Apple II with an Integer card (now – wasn’t that an ironically named device).

So – after screwing around with the Typepad configuration for a hour yesterday while on a less than interesting conference call, I figured there must be a way to post effectively online. Since I’ve been using Newsgator as my RSS aggregator (it’s an Outlook plug-in – a much better idea than a standalone app since I live in email) and read most things offline, I went looking for an offline poster. Voila – MoveablePoster.

In the 5 minutes I gave myself to configure Moveable Poster (note to all software developers – a VC’s install / configure attention span is 5 minutes – maybe 15 minutes if he is really interested) I managed to figure out how to get it running as a standalone, but couldn’t figure out the Newsgator / Outlook configuration. I guess I’ll have to beg for support from Greg Reinacker (the guy behind Newsgator) for help here.

Ok – time to post and see if this actually works.