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To Blog or Not to Blog

May 04, 2004

I’m a professional emailer / phonecaller / meeting taker (aka a venture capitalist). Much of my time is spend writing, reading, thinking, talking, and learning. As a result, I’ve been fascinated (and deeply involved) with the evolution of email and web-based communication and technologies.

I noticed blogging when Dan Bricklin turned me on to it. I’ve been following many of my VC collegues blogs (Fred Wilson, Jerry Colonna, Jeff Nolan, Martin Tobias) and others for some time.

I’ve struggled with whether the world needs yet another set of musings from a VC. Fred’s blog Transparency inspired me to think harder about this. Jerry’s blog Boomtime, Part Three pushed me over the edge.

I’m still not sure if the world needs my musings, but because you have complete control over whether or not you decide to read this, here goes.