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Cool thing of the day – Howtoons

Jun 07, 2004

I’m an MIT grad. We are all geeks at heart. After I graduated, I was involved in a number of things around entrepreneurship at MIT. One of the guys who was in the middle of everything was Joost Bonson. Joost was one of the co-founders of what has become the MIT $50K Entrepreneurship Competition. If you take a look at Joost’s website you’ll see confirmation that he’s been involved in – well – most everything around entrepreneurship at MIT.

I was reading Technology Review – MIT’s magazine – and came across How-To Howtoons Appeals to Kids. This is Joost’s newest project (along with Saul Griffith) and is “a cartoon that provides one-page, easy-to-follow, story instructions on how to build enineering and science projects from readily available materials.”

Awesome idea – and lots of fun. Check out Howtoons.