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I’m a Firefox Convert

Jul 15, 2004
Category Technology

I switched from Netscape to Internet Explorer when Windows 98 came out. Go figure. I’ve been stubbornly using IE and refused to even look at Mozilla / Firefox given that I spend so much of my time in email and I always felt (incorrectly) that Outlook and IE would be better integrated than Outlook and Firefox.

I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with IE lately for a variety of reasons, including some bugs that I can’t figure out workarounds for, occassional grungy performance issues, endless popup Windows and Spyware problems, and all the well publicized security issues.

I decided to break down and give Firefox a try. I’ve been using it for two weeks and love it. If you are a heavy browser user and still using IE, you should absolutely consider Firefox. Following are some quick reasons:

  • Much faster / more consistent performance
  • No Spyware popups
  • Tabbed browsing (really wonderful for the heavy user)
  • Great password manager
  • Bookmark sync to an FTP server (for managing bookmarks across multiple screens)
  • Extensive Extensions (

As a NewsGator user, there’s even an extension for subscribing to an RSS feed in NewsGator.

Thanks Ross for pushing me over the edge.