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StillSecure’s Great Week – Intrusion Prevention Best Buy

Jul 16, 2004
Category Investments

StillSecure – one of my companies that was founded and run by long time entrepreneur Raj Bhargava (cofounded NetGenesis, ServiceMetrics, Interliant, Quova, and StillSecure) – had a great week.

They started the week by releasing v4.0 of their VAM product (Vulnerability Lifecycle Management). VAM 4.0 is a mature enterprise vulnerability management product that now includes patch management and something we call one-click remidation workflow management (the best workflow management in the security market). We had good pickup on the product release including CMP Systems Management Pipeline and CRN.

Releasing a new version of a product is always a big deal, but we ended the week with a Best Buy award in SC Magazine for Border Guard – our intrusion prevention product, one of the key magazines for security professionals. We tied with Tipping Point and beat out companies like ISS and Netscreen.

The actual review was dynamite. Whenever you get the highest rating in every category, Positives of “easy to set up, comfortable to navigate, and it really streamlined the complex process of intrusion prevention without losing functionality”; Negatives of “nothing much”; and a Verdict of “one of the best in terms of usage and installation” you have something be happy about.

I’ve very proud of Raj and the StillSecure team and decided to shamelessly toot their horn. If you are looking for high quality, cost effective network security software (or know someone that is), please aim them at StillSecure.