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I just voted and it felt good

Oct 24, 2004
Category Random

I’m going to be out of town on election day so I just filled out my absentee ballot (thankfully I got my ballot, unlike my 13,000 friends in Colorado that didn’t.)

The anarchist is me voted for Colorado Amendment 36 (proportional voting).  Last time I checked, we lived in a “one vote for each person country”, although I can’t ever remember whether we live in a democracy or a republic (and – after reading this link – I still can’t tell.)  Lots of folks rail against the electoral college – I took my mandatory semester of government in high school and couldn’t figure it out.  Colorado’s proportional voting amendment is retroactive, so if it passes, the 9 Colorado electoral votes will be allocated proportionally (making Colorado most likely a 5-4 state.)  My election prediction at this point is that Kerry will win by 3 votes, Colorado Amendment 36 will pass, Colorado will go 5-4 to Bush, the Bush faction will sue for unconstitionality of the retroactivity of Amendment 36, and the Colorado Supreme Court will have some fun in November and December (and we won’t find out who our new president is until 2005 sometime.)

I also voted to raise taxes on myself for all the Boulder County stuff around funding for the arts (SCFD), open space protection, and fire prevention and forest management.  Does that make me a liberal sissy?