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NewsGator Rating on my Blog

Oct 24, 2004
Category Investments

I’ve added a new NewsGator feature to my blog – Ratings.  If you are looking at my blog online or via NewsGator Online, you’ll see a new thing in the footer of each post that says “Rate” and has five stars next to it.

To rate each post, simply click on the number of stars.  If you have a NewsGator Online account (or create one), you’ll be able to see both your rating (red) and the aggregate rating (orange).

Look for announcements as to how to put this on your blog next week.  If you want a headstart on this, take a look at the thread on the NewsGator Support Forum.

If you have suggestions as to what we should do with the data (we’ve got plenty of ideas that we are working on), feel free to post comments here.