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Untied Airlines

Feb 01, 2005
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I fly United – well – a LOT (yeah – I’m a 100K Premium Exec again this year) since I live in Colorado and United has something like 75% of the gates at DIA.  Like most United frequent flyers, I am somewhat skitzo about my “support” for United – if they get out of bankruptcy, I don’t expect them to operate any better than they traditionally have, but if they liquidate, I expect that my travel will be totally fucked for some period of time since DIA is such an economically unattractive hub for the airlines.

I’ve been referring to United as “Untied” as they struggle through the bankruptcy process and was pleasantly surprised today when I typed and discovered a delightful “complaint site” against United that’s been around for a while.  The stories are hysterical (in that sick, sad, sort of way) and eerily reminiscent of some of my experiences.