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Apology to All Mothers Everywhere

Apr 09, 2005

I’ve got another month before I have to send flowers, chocolate, and my other special mothers day stuff, but an email from my mom today prompted me to write an apology to all mothers everywhere.

I’ll attribute the condescending remark about me understanding Bob Garfield’s comments to your very long plane ride. Welcome home. We’ll call before we leave on our ” even longer than your” plane ride on Tuesday. So long, I don’t even want to think about it.


Your Phi Beta Kappa Mom (now where is that darn pin?)

Mom – I’m sorry – it was a careless throw away comment – think of it as a “metaphor” for “described in a way someone not in the media or technology industry could understand easily.” (yeah – I know you know that and are just giving me shit.)  I know I need to come up with a new metaphor, especially now that Larry Summers has been crucified for his comments about women in the sciences.  I should know better and be more “motherly correct.”  (Note to the world – my mom is extremely smart, understands technology (and lots of other things), has taught me all kinds of stuff (including how to apologize quickly when I make a mistake), and is an amazing artist who has somehow genetically (ok – environmentally) transfered her love of art to me.)

Sorry Mom(s) (and no – I’m not sucking up to you to get out of mother’s day).