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Judy’s Book and Integration with Movable Type

Apr 09, 2005
Category Writing

I’ve recently become obsessed with the notion that all my data should be integrated in one place and be able to be entered from one place.  Of course, this isn’t true, but as my compute infrastructure gets smarter, this will become a lot easier.

I’ve got three types of data: (1) the stuff I want the world to see, (2) the stuff I want certain people to see, and (3) the stuff that is just for me.  Logically, my blog (or “my website” – doh) should be the entry point for everything that I create that fits in category #1. 

On my main page, the right sidebar has a new item in it: Page Two.  This is my page for screwing around with integrating all the various web services available from sites that I current use to create stuff I want the world to see.  The first one I’ve integrated is Judy’s Book.  My good friend Andy Sack is the CEO – he and I have done several companies together, including Abuzz which was bought by New York Times Digital.  Judy’s Book is Andy’s newest venture and he’s starting to shift in beta mode, so take a look.

Integrating the two most relevant categories in Judy’s Book – “Latest Posts” and “Friends” was trivial – it took less then 5 minutes once I’d set the Page 2 page up.  For now, I’ll use Page 2 as a sandbox so as to not clutter up my main page.  Eventually, I’ll figure out a more logical page layout / menu system for the site that incorporates all of this data.