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Six Apart in Paris – Loic Le Meur

Apr 06, 2005

I’m in Paris again this week spending time with Amy.  She’s basically stopped talking English, so I don’t understand anything she says to me anymore, which – while we have a fantastic relationship – also seems to work pretty well and is probably not that different from most male / female relationships. 

Unlike my last trip when I did my Q1 vacation, I’ve been working this week.  Last night we had drinks with Loic Le Meur, the Executive VP of Six Apart Europe.  Loic took us out to the Hotel Costes bar at 239 rue Saint Honore which is a place that easily exceeds my “hip factor.”  Loic was a gentleman, didn’t flirt with Amy too much (my core fear of interacting with any French man while in the presence of my wife), and we ate some good snacks together (which you must do when you have drinks at 7 followed by dinner at 9 somewhere else.)

Loic’s doing a great job with Six Apart in Europe, as they’ve already got many of the key portals as partners.  Loic’s got a major clue and it was great to catch up with him on what’s happening with RSS and blogging in Europe.  We discovered that we are both investors in Technorati (he’s an angel investor), I filled him in on Feedburner and NewsGator, and we talked about his upcoming European Internet 2.0 Les Blogs conference (that I can’t come to because of a couple of pre-existing board meetings, but I’ll likely send Amy as my delegate since it’s being held in the French Senate.)

We finished the evening off with a three hour dinner with some friends from Boston who happen to be bouncing around Paris.  Waking up this morning was difficult, but I smiled when I checked my email and had an onslaught of requests for the Buffett Letters.