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Requests for The Buffett Letters

Apr 05, 2005

I received a number of requests for copies of The Buffett Letters as a result of my recent post.  I now have emailable copies of them – if you’d like them, simply send me an email request.  The email I have came with the following request:

“Now, the important part. These letters are not our property. Mr. Buffett wrote them to his business partners, not to the general public. But they are of great interest, and Mr. Buffett has let it be known that he has no objection to people passing them around like this, but does not care for the idea of them being posted in a public forum. Please honor his wishes. PLEASE DO NOT POST THESE LETTERS, AND PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE THIS PARAGRAPH WHEN SHARING. Thank you.”

So – please honor this.

I also have several great Charlie Munger speeches that have no such disclaimer, although I will treat them the same way.  If you want them, just ask.