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May 29, 2005
Category Investments

The CEO’s of my companies have probably gotten tired of me saying “c’mon guys – put a blog up as part of the front page of your site.”  While folks are still issuing press releases, the “home page corporate blog” is a great way of quickly getting messages out about your company and your products.  Plus – if you do it right – you can use the voice of people in your company, rather than just boring-as-shit PR/marketing speak.

While many of the CEO’s of my companies are blogging (JB, Dick, Terry, Ed, Jim, and Matt), it’s been slow going to get the corporate blogs up.  Not surprisingly (since they live and breath this stuff), NewsGator and Feedburner are the first two up.  NewsGator Daily covers all things NewsGator and – as CEO JB Holston says – will “have multiple authors contribute, embedded directly on our site.”  Feedburner’s weblog – Burning Questions – has been up for a few months, but they’ve just added Publisher Buzz (“recent posts from people who kind of dig Feedburner”).

If you want to subscribe, the links are below:

Rob, Dan, Terry, Mike, Ed, Jim, Marie, Tim, Matt, Raj, Ramana, Dave – what gives?