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Women’s Technology Cluster (WTC) Recognizes Mobius Venture Capital For Outstanding Support of Women Entrepreneurs

May 29, 2005

Last week we were one of four VC firms recognized by the Women’s Technology Cluster for our significant investments in women-led companies.  The other firms recognized were NEA, Vanguard Associates, and Versant Ventures. 

While we are flattered to be acknowledged like this, my partner Heidi Roizen said it well when she was quoted as saying “But make no mistake about it, we don’t fund women out of some sort of ‘diversity cause.’  It is just the opposite.  We funded these women because they are great entrepreneurs and it made smart business sense to do so.  Any VC not being open to women entrepreneurs is missing out of half the population, a lot of smart, talented people, and a lot of opportunities to generate great returns.”

As chairman of the National Center for Women & Information Technology, I look forward to the day sometime in the future when awards like this are obsolete because there isn’t any discernible reason to call out either male or female entrepreneurs based on gender.  Lucy Sanders – the CEO of NCWIT – is fond of saying that her goal is to have NCWIT be out of business 20 years from now because it has accomplished its mission and is no longer relevant.