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Einstein Was Really Smart

Jul 24, 2005

For some reason, I get a copy of TechComm: The National Journal of Technology Commercialization.  I was thumbing through it where I read all my physical magazines these days (the bathroom) and came upon an excellent article titled Q: How Smart Was Einstein? A. Really Smart.  As everyone spends the next few days praising Lance Armstrong’s Tour de Force, let’s not forget Einstein’s amazing year – 1905 (er – 100 years ago in case your math is rusty.)

  • March 1905: Creates the quantum theory of light
  • April 1905: Invents new method of counting and determining the size of the atoms or molecules in a given space
  • May 1905: Explains the phenomenon of Brownian motion
  • June 1905: Completes theory of special relativity
  • H2 1905: Extension of special relativity –> E=mc2

All this when he was 26 and working full time as a patent examiner.  I wonder what he could have accomplished if he had access to Microsoft Virtual Earth.