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Gold Systems Speech-Powered Password Reset Solution

Aug 04, 2005
Category Investments

On Monday, Gold Systems announced the release of the Gold Systems Speech-Powered Password Reset product, based on Microsoft Speech Server 2004 R2.  This is a product Gold Systems has been working on for a while, building on their experience with speech, password reset, and call center applications.  Microsoft has been putting plenty of energy behind their new Speech Server products with a recent unveiling at SpeechTEK this week.

The idea of automated password reset has been around for a while as the cost of staffing a help desk to deal with password reset issues within a company can grow to be silly pretty fast.  Speech-based password reset is a highly secure and inexpensive way to address this issue.  I’ve been close to the development of Gold Systems’ product and I think it’s awesome, especially given the tight integration with Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP.

Gold Systems has run an early adopter program for the past few months (deeper than a traditional beta) and the product has been received very well.  One of the developers – Jason Groshart – has been blogging about the development of this product and the use of Rally Software’s Agile development tools (Rally – like Gold Systems – is one of my portfolio companies).