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MP3’s on Punch Cards, Bluetooth Car Hacks, and Jack Bauer

Aug 03, 2005
Category Technology

Some fun nerd facts for you on this gloomy Wednesday morning in Homer, Alaska (where is the fucking sun?)

  1. How many punch cards would it take to represent a 3–minute MP3 file?  40,960 (or 5’ 9” of punch cards – two inches shorter than Jack Bauer). 
  2. Can I listen to your conversation in your car and or talk to you if you have a bluetooth enabled car?  Um – yes.
  3. Is Jack Bauer going to be on 24 this season?  Looks like it! (and thank god he’ll have a new girlfriend).

Which does Brad care most about: 1, 2, or 3?  I wonder if Jack is going to use the cool bluetooth car hack in the upcoming season.