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Blogging From A New Orleans Data Center

Sep 05, 2005
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A fellow who goes by the handle “The Interdictor” has been blogging since August 27th from a high rise office building on Poydras Ave near St. Charles.  The blog is an incredible hour by hour story of Katrina and her impact as she unfolded, along with some brave folks efforts to keep Intercosmos / directNIC (a hosting company) up and running.  The running commentary of the experience is awe-inspiring and gives you a very different view into the situation.

I’ve help fund and start several hosting companies and many of my companies depend on hosting companies for their business.  While the notion of spending the night in a data center is not a new one (yeah – I’ve done it – nice and cool, great white noise, but the floor isn’t that comfy), doing it in the context of the aftermath of a major hurricane is something that is hard to grasp. 

Start at the beginning and work your way through.  There are also a large number of outstanding photos of what’s going on.