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VeryDelicious – Firefox plugin for

Sep 05, 2005
Category Technology

I’ve used some over the past few months as I’ve played around with user tagging.  However, I’ve been struggling with tagging – I use Firefox and am an “in context” browser (e.g. I don’t want to end up on another web page when I do an action like “tag” something.)  So – my use of was a lot lighter than I thought it would be since it “broke” the way I browse.

The VeryDelicious Firefox plug in solved this for me when I stumbled upon it today.  It’s perfect – I now have a toolbar in Firefox that lets me add up to three tags for a web page without leaving the page, knows my existing tag list (so I can choose from them), and let’s me go directly to my page for a specific tag.  Worth checking out if you are a and Firefox user.