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Thoughts on Katrina

Sep 03, 2005
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I’ve been struggling with what – if anything – to post about my thoughts on Katrina.  At the end of the day yesterday, I sat in front of a TV for the first time for two hours and watched CNN (I hate TV – I try to avoid it – but I was trapped at the car dealership waiting for them to fix my car, everyone had gone home for the long weekend so work had shut down, and all their magazines were from June) and muttered, mumbled, and swore non-stop.  I woke up this morning to yet another beautiful Boulder day, obsessively read all the Katrina news online that I could find, and muttered and mumbled some more.  As I caught up on email and blogs, I kept rolling over thoughts in the back of my mind on a blog post.

Fred Wilson did it for me.  He captured exactly what I’ve been muttering, mumbling, and swearing about.  I’m extraordinarily saddened for everyone caught up in this tragedy, once again thankful that it only impacts me indirectly, and very pensive about how it impacts us as Americans.  Thanks Fred for putting your thoughts out there.  I noticed that Nick Bradbury also had a post that captures some of my feelings.  I am humbled by Anita Taylor.  And – as always – my wife Amy is more articulate than I am.

I obviously encourage everyone to help out any way they can.  Amy and I donated to the American Red Cross Hurricane 2005 Relief Fund this morning (if you get my feed, you can do this by clicking on the banner ad that FeedBurner is inserting), I’ve added a Humane Society link under “Promoting Now” on my main blog page, and we’re paying attention to other things we can do to be helpful.  NewsGator also committed to give 3% of revenue for the month of September to the American Red Cross and I encourage other companies to do the same.