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Sep 03, 2005

If you are a runner, the October 2005 Runner’s World had a good intro article on “blogging for runners.”  Unfortunately, the Runner’s World website sucks and doesn’t seem to include the full magazine, so if you want to read the article, you’ll have to buy the print edition (or be a more patient searcher than I am).  The best part of the article was that it highlighted several active runners’ blogs, including Alison Wade, David Bray, and Joan Nesbit Mabe (an elite master’s runner who blogs).  Their feeds are now in NewsGator Online in my “Running” folder and will serve as additional daily motivation to get my ass out there.

I’ve often wondered why the makers of online training software (my newest toy is Motion Based – more after I’ve used it for a few weeks) don’t include a “blog / public diary” capability.  Oh well – enough “thinking” about running – time to go do it.