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Transporting Who?

Sep 02, 2005

Ah – we’re back in the land of 24 screen movie theaters so our Friday night movie is no longer limited to two choices.  However, almost all the movies out right now are crap (you know you are in trouble when the #1 movie last weekend was The 40–Year-Old Virgin) so we decided to give Transporter 2 a try. 

We loved the original Transporter – it was definitely a sleeper and Jason Statham was – well – the British Vin Diesel.  Frank (Jason) and his rules are back, the evil bad girl is super hot (although a horrifyingly bad shot), and the eastern European villain-scientists are bad news, but doofuses.  The action / adventure / car chases / shoot–em-ups are great and – with the exception of a few scenes – I managed to suspend my disbelief for the better part of 90 minutes. 

It’s not as good as the first one, but it took my mind off cancer, New Orleans, and other bad things for a couple of hours.