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Kauffman Foundation eVenturing Web Site and Blog

Nov 17, 2005

The Kauffman Foundation has re-released their “entrepreneur resource website” named eVenturing.  In addition to the site – which is full of great information for entrepreneurs – they also have a blog that you can easily subscribe to.

In the 1990’s I had a very rewarding affiliation with the Kauffman Foundation.  I was an “entrepreneur-in-residence” (a fancy word for consultant) and got to work with Jana Matthews and several other folks on a series of programs that the Kauffman Foundation did around high growth companies.  In addition, I helped with the original launch of Entreworld, the predecessor site to eVenturing

The Kauffman Foundation has always been a huge resource to the entrepreneurial community. Many VC’s know of the Kauffman Foundation through the Kauffman Fellows program (a “VC apprentice program”).  However, the Kauffman Foundation is much larger than that (while the Kauffman Fellows is a successful stand alone program, it was a small part of the activity of the Kauffman Foundation.)  Ewing Marion Kauffman (Mr. K – the founder of Marion Laboratories) was an incredible entrepreneur and his foundation serves his legacy well.  I expect that eVenturing will continue to add to this legacy.