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Board Meeting Food

Jan 20, 2006

I’ve been to zillions of board meetings (and lunch meetings) over the past decade.  The food at 98% of them is shit. 

We had a board meeting at FeedBurner today.  Lunch was – nope – not “yet another soggy sandwich.”  Dick and crew treated us to Thai food – yum. 

It took virtually no extra effort (or cost) to shift from “generic unhealthy roast beef and ham sandwiches that the vegetarian board members (me) had to avoid and settle for a bag of potato chips instead” to “sumptuous, fun, exciting, hot, spicy, and stimulating food.  Oh – and NO cookie plate laden with 500 calorie bombshells that no one wants but those with poor impulse control and sugar addiction (like me) can’t avoid gobbling down.

The next time you have a board meeting, be creative.  Feed us something fun and healthy.  Make me jump with joy when I see the food.