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Oxlo and Microsoft BizTalk

Jan 05, 2006
Category Investments

Microsoft BizTalk is one of the sleeper products in the Microsoft Windows Server family.  BizTalk is at the core of Microsoft’s Business Process Automation (BPA) solutions and – with the release of BizTalk Server 2006 – is maturing nicely.

One of my investments – Oxlo Systems – has built its products for the auto industry on top of BizTalk and has had great success with the BizTalk Server platform.  Microsoft recently wrote up a nice case study on Oxlo and what they’ve done using BizTalk.  Oxlo has received a lot of help and support from Microsoft – both the BizTalk product team, the vertical sales organization, and Microsoft’s Emerging Business Team (lead by Dan’l Lewin.)

Scott Maxwell – a partner at Insight Venture Partners – has an extensive post up about Microsoft’s Emerging Business Team.  Scott and I sit on the Microsoft EBT VC Advisory Board, along with several other VCs – and have watched Microsoft continue to increase and improve their focus on working with and helping VC-backed companies.  Oxlo is one good example of where it is working.