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Book Review: You Need To Be A Little Crazy

Jan 05, 2006

I read You Need to Be a Little Crazy : The Truth about Starting and Growing Your Business over the holiday break.  Barry Moltz’s marketing and PR Director Sarah Moore sent me Barry’s book after sending me an email suggesting my blog fit with Barry’s writing.  While I probably have read my lifetime supply of “entrepreneur / startup books” I decided I’d give this a try since (a) Sarah asked nicely and (b) I once had the domain “” (with some weird idea of writing something about entrepreneurship) so the title of the book “spoke to me.”

This book is aimed at three types of people:

  • Someone considering starting a company for the first time
  • The first time entrepreneur
  • The “entrepreneur for a while” who is struggling with work / life balance and getting it all in perspective

If you fit in any of these categories, this book goes nicely with Greg Gianforte’s Bootstrapping Your Business: Start And Grow a Successful Company With Almost No Money.  It’s short, sweet, and full of anecdotes.  Barry is based in Chicago, so you get plenty of local Chicago stories and characters, including Matt McCall, my fellow board member at FeedBurner.