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Book Review: Long Road to Boston and Ten Million Steps

Feb 25, 2006
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Today I decided to read two running books instead of going for a run.  I’ve been struggling with a cold (maybe a low grade flu) and a gout attack for the last week and lost seven days of running.  It’s been a little bit of a drag since I’m in the middle of the training cycle for the 110th Boston Marathon on April 17th, but I’m not too concerned because my base is very deep right now.  So – I figured reading about some big running feats would be good motivation for my 90 minute run tomorrow.

Long Road to Boston is a magnificent novel about a long comeback that a runner has from a near death car accident to being in competition for winning the Boston Marathon (against Bill Rodgers.)  I’ve found only a few great running novels – this one joins The Purple Runner and Once a Runner on my very short list.  Thanks to Matt Fleckenstein of mSpoke for sending this to me.  It was especially enjoyable considering my upcoming marathon.

I then tackled Ten Million Steps: The Incredible Journey of Paul Reese, Who Ran Across America – A Marathon a Day for 124 Days – At Age 73.  The title says it all.  Reese also had been diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 70 – so this was even more remarkable.  He ultimately ran across all 50 states, completing the last one (Hawaii) when he was 80. Paul Reese died in 2004 (at age 87) – he made a huge contribution to the running community.  I’ve read a few other “run across the US” books – they are all enjoyable in a twisted sort of way.

After reading Reese’s story, I decided that 90 minutes was – well – pretty light weight.