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Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Education in Colorado

Feb 26, 2006

As the next election cycle in Colorado gears up, I’ve been jumping up and down reminding everyone who cares about politics that the solution to the “growth of the technology industry in Colorado” is to improve our education system.  Our current governor has done everything he can to ignore education and at least one of our potential gubernatorial candidates can’t spell the word education.  Colorado has an excellent entrepreneurial and technical base – we just need much more supply at both the K-12 and college levels.  This isn’t a quick fix – at 20+ year view is required.

I think CU Boulder is the best college in Colorado and the one most likely to have a huge impact on the region in the next 20 years.  It’s always great to see additions to the faculty that have a clue about entrepreneurship and technology.  Phil Weiser – an Associate Profession in the School of Law with a joint appointment in the Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program has been doing a great job as head of the Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program.  He sent me a note over the weekend that Vic Fleisher, a law professor at UCLA and a blogger at Conglomerate with a deep interest in entrepreneurship, has just joined the faculty at CU Boulder.

I don’t know Vic, but given Phil’s note, I hope to meet him soon and welcome him to Boulder.