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NewsGator Enterprise Server and Law Firms

Feb 22, 2006
Category Investments

NewsGator announced that Dykema – a large midwest law firm – has implemented NewsGator Enterprise Server.  Dykema has 10 offices and 800 users nationwide and they wanted integration with Microsoft Outlook.  After considering several RSS aggregators that integrate directly with Outlook on the desktop (including NewsGator’s), Dykema determined that it was much more effective to use NewsGator’s Enterprise Server product and integrate with Microsoft Exchange (and correspondingly have seamless integration with Outlook, yet the benefits of centralized administration and no additional software on each desktop.)  This is especially helpful in a multiple location (in this case – 10 site) implementation. 

If you are at a law firm and you want RSS integrated into Outlook, you’ll no longer be one of the first adopters of this product.  Drop the guys at NewsGator a line (or me if you want to make sure you get to the right person) if you are interested.