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Oxlo and GM

Feb 22, 2006
Category Investments

I woke up this morning feeling like brogging about a few of the companies I’ve invested in.  It’s easy today since they are announcing meaningful customer implementations which are a very good thing for a young company.  I already talked about NewsGator Enterprise Server and Law Firms; next up is Oxlo and GM.

Oxlo announced that its product has been implemented at six dealer service providers with integration in the GM Retail Inventory Management (RIM) implementation. This is a key integration for Oxlo as they are now “in production” with GM.  RIM is a sophisticated bi-directional real-time integration between GM and their Dealers – this integration enables GM and their Dealers to more efficiently manage parts inventory at the Dealership – saving both GM and the Dealer inventory expense in the process.

If you’ve ever worked with a company that provided software to a major auto company, you’ll understand that this is a significant milestone.  If you don’t, just take my word for it.