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Greenland Gremlins

Mar 01, 2006

Amy gave me my March 1 gift today.  We try to go out to dinner on the first day of the month and celebrate life (hence – “life dinner”) and often exchange gifts.  The gifts I’ve received over the years range from the farcical (e.g. a remote control fart machine) to magnificent (e.g. beautiful pieces of art.)

I won big with my gift today.  Whenever we visit New York, we usually swing by Alaska on Madison and pick up some pieces for our Alaskan / Canadian Inuit and Yupik art collection.  When we were in New York in November for the New York Marathon, Amy bought a bunch of stuff which she recently got around to unpacking.  My gift – four extraordinary “Greenland Gremlins” – were sitting on my desk this morning.

Following is a closeup.

These are totems – made out of walrus ivory – that ward off bad things.  Notice the giant teeth – having a dental emergency in arctic Greenland is a real bummer.  My understanding is that since my totems have big teeth, my voodoo is powerful.  Amy told me these gremlins will protect me and my computers.  Guess I don’t need anti-spyware anymore.