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Happy Birthday Ben Casnocha

Mar 01, 2006

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Ben Casnocha over the past few years.  I think he’s a remarkable guy, I’ve learned a lot with him, and I always have fun interacting with him.

Ben turned 18 years old today.  Happy birthday Ben!

The other day, I (along with some of Ben’s other friends) received the following request.

On Wednesday I turn 18 years old. I’m writing to ask for a birthday present. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you anything. If you can spare a minute, answer the following question. I’m going to post some on my blog — which will be fun — so if you want to be anonymous let me know. Feel free to answer this on your own blog, if you have one and want to.  When you were about 18, what did you do that you most regret and/or what did you *not* do that you most regret?  A word, sentence, or paragraph will do. Gold stars for those who answer in haiku.

Always working hard
Not enough travel world wide
Too few girls in bed

I went for the gold star – hopefully I’ll get it.