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Brian Kellner – Grillin’ in the Storm

Jul 07, 2006

Brian Kellner has started a blog called Grillin’ in the Storm.  The subtitle – thoughts on agile software product management – sets the tone.  I’ve known Brian for almost 20 years (we were fraternity brothers – I think I was his pledge trainer but I’ve gotten old enough that I can’t remember any more.)  He moved to Colorado about five years ago and has worked at several software companies (including – but not limited to – several that I have been an investor in) before ending up at NewsGator.

I’ve loved working with Brian – he has the rare ability to synthesize user needs into a language that developers can understand.  As an MIT grad, he can hold his own technically with basically anyone.  And – he can write (boy, can he write.) 

If you are involved in developing software for a living, I expect Brian will have plenty of things to say that you’ll find interesting.