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Jul 07, 2006
Category Technology

A few weeks ago I enabled the MyBlogLog Community feature on my blog – I just put it up higher on the left hand side.

I’ve been using MyBlogLog for about a year for link tracking – they’ve got a very good inbound and outbound link tracking system.  If you’ve ever hovered over a link on my blog (or someone elses) and seen the “N Clicks Today” message box, that’s MyBlogLog in action. 

Recently, they rolled out a Community feature.  Now you can see who is actually visiting my site.  In addition you can come join my community.  Also, some “community groups” are starting to form, such as the VC Neighborhood.

Help me experiment with this – come join my community.  Over the past year, I’ve enjoyed talking to Eric Marcouiller (one of the founders) and suggesting features; his technical co-founder Todd is clearly a wizard.   They are iterating quickly on feedback, so offer it freely, either by email or via comments.