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Colorado Entrepreneurs and Technology Network

Nov 12, 2006
Category Investments

In August, I talked about a new feature that FeedBurner had created called “Networks”.   As part of this, I set up one of the first FeedBurner Networks – the Venture Capital Network.  It’s been really cool to watch how the network has evolved and grown – it now has 52 VC bloggers with a daily reach of 114k subscribers across the network.  FeedBurner has continued to roll new features into the network, including a detailed network landing page, ability to subscribe to the entire network or simply feeds in the network, and an OPML link for the network.  Look for more fun stuff soon.

As a result of playing around with my Dynamics of Information theme, I decided to create a few more networks.  The first one that I’m rolling out is the Colorado Entrepreneurs and Technology network as I want to try to understand if “source geography” (where the publishers are located, vs. where the subscribers are located) has any value.  I’ve invited a bunch of Colorado entrepreneurs and tech bloggers – if you want to join this network, are an entrepreneur or tech blogger living in Colorado, and didn’t get an invite, email me a request.  Of course, if you are interested in bloggers that are entrepreneurs or tech dudes in Colorado, check out the network.