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The Blogging Self-Reflection Moment

Nov 13, 2006

It eventually happens to all bloggers that become popular.  I’ve had several of these moments – you get feedback that causes you to take a step back and re-evaluate what you are doing an how you are doing.

My friend Alan Shimel had one of these the other day and has written a very thoughtful post on it.  If you know Alan, you can almost hear him saying this to you – that’s how lucid his self-reflection is.  His conclusion is 100% Alan.

“I actually do love blogging and expressing my opinion on these topics.  In many ways I was born to blog, I guess.  I have always been opinionated and eager to express my views.  Blogging is the perfect outlet.  To those of you who read my blog regularly, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  To those of you I might offend, my sincerest apologies, but I will not change what I write.  To those of you who think you are going to spin a story and believe by shouting it loud enough or saying it enough times, people will believe it, know that I am going to continue calling BS on it on here- for whatever it is worth.”

Keep it up my friend.